About 42bitpi

This site was a product of my imagination. In its current form, it is nothing special. There is some hope that this will change someday; but currently its in a defunct state.

I've worked off and on with what is here, and currently in my project list, this might be a future project for some other day. I've grown tired of the way things are.

42bitpi is a different version of the ctopher.me site. Its basically a version in light mode of the css design. Most of the content is the same as found on the ctopher.me site.

The difference is this site has a soft drink poll. And a space for my public journals, which are brief, and not very telling. If you want to see more great content that is far better, check out MyDigitalChaos.Blog. There is plenty of content for your eye balls to soak up.

I'm bored with the current situation. Maybe I will update this site as time permits.