As An Artist

Christopher Thomas is both an artist and connoisseur of artistic endeavors in life. With an appreciation of painters, and craftsmen of all kinds. Although my talents are still in beginning stages of development, there is something more than myself that guides my life towards accomplishing artistic development. I only have to trust the process and let the creative work flow through me. Every Artist knows this, but seldom understand it.

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As A Photographer

Christopher Thomas has studied photography for well over twenty years with both studies in high school and trade collage for photographers. Through the combined years of experience I have developed my own style and skill set that works for the artistic expression I wish to convey to the viewer. My real love is for photography when I can capture that one moment in time that last for generations.


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As A Musician

Music is a driving passion of mine. While I have mostly abstained from making music, I have however with an intensity far beyond mortals pursued listening to music for the last twenty years.

You can hear some sounds that I put together (here). Other than that I listen to both old classical music, and modern rock, well it was modern twenty years ago. My taste also includes industrial and punk music. Ask me about my collection and my play counts. I couldn't tell you who is in the band, but I might know the lyrics by heart. You never know...

As A Writer

Christopher Thomas has practiced writing for two decades with things like simple journal entries and more complex blog posts, stories, books, and creative endeavors that were for myself. I am not well known as a word smith, I however have accomplished a fine feat of arms, by breaking writers block and freeing myself from the prison of writers hell that so many today await freedom from. I know how to beat it. Ask.

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As A Person

My life is complex, it's not like I'm batman; but it's not easy to explain either. I have been very singular in my life with out the choice or freedom of having other interests. Perhaps it has allowed me to develop my talents and skills, but left me broken as a being that only wanted love and truth.

I always welcome kindness and warm messages of sincerity. If you like what I do, tell someone else about my site and help spread the work.