Six Things About Christopher Thomas

Here are six things you can learn about me.


Christopher Thomas is a creative artist.

Passion, Drive, Creative, Compassionate.

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I Love Coffee


As a Writer Christopher Thomas tries to be playful and bring words to life that have never before been written.

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I love to write.

Computer Geek

As a long time geek, Christopher has experience in computer networking, web design, photography, perl, php, and databases.

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As a musician Christopher Thomas has a wide range of music in his collection. Although he mostly refrains from making music, you can hear some of the work from when he was in great pain.


As a misfit, Christopher Thomas is a Misfit like no other. With an understanding about Music, Arts, Politics, and Anarchy in the UK.

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As a photographer Christopher Thomas has over twenty-five years experience in photography. He believes in doing great work, You can read more about his experience and see his work here.