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Coin Flipper, Get Best Two out of Three

One of the best coin flippers ever!

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This coin flipper uses a perl script to generate twenty thousand one (1) and zero (0) then randomly shuffles the array of 1 & 0's.

It then selects only half of the array, then counts how many 1's are in the subset. If there are more 1's than 0's the result is heads. If not then the result is tails.

This script actually runs three seperate times to give the results that it gives, so you are getting a pretty good unique array of 1's and 0's each time you run it.

Learn, Grow, Live!

This is pi. It's a symbol. Used by the ancients. It's value is best shown as a symbol, because an infinate, non-repeating number is just too big for the common mind to grasp.

If your really bored, Please try memorizing the first 10,000 digits of pi. It will surely take you some time.